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The company was established in 2008 to work with the government agencies and Israeli health departments.

The goal of “Makshivim Net” is to work for social, occupational and educational rehabilitation of people with disabilities.
The company operations are expressed in developing and creation of innovator rehabilitation projects all over Israel and the world.

Company goals:

  • Developing of innovator projects in social, occupational and educational rehabilitation.
  • Rewarding employment for people with disabilities who inspire to get high wages as part of a significant living with social and economic security.
  • Extensive assistance for community, employers and companies in the field of occupational rehabilitation.
  • Reducing the stigma on the subject of incorporating people with disabilities in the work market.

What we do:

1. e-Vocational

“Shatar” online - Vocational assistance through the Internet.
Electronic system for mentoring and support for vocational rehabilitation - Developing with the government department of “social security” and the mental health department, an automatic program that will give assistance and monitoring for the all vocational process: dynamics intakes, assisting in the rehabilitation program and job search and APP for the employers to connect accompanying employment.

JOBS4ALL – An Internet networking website that lists jobs for people with disabilities. The projects helps people with all disabilities search for jobs while, at the same time, giving on-line support to reduce any difficulties that may interfere with the job seeking process.

Occupational Greenhouse - This project helps people who have experienced a mental crisis return and work in the profession they had prior to the crisis (combination between e-porject and real meeting).

2. e-Social (e-Peer Support)

Makshivim – An Internet project for social rehabilitation of people with psychiatric illness (since 2005).  
An Israeli online peer support-group that increases feelings of self- worth offers a strong network of  connections and sets the foundation for face-to-face meetings in the real world.

3. e-Coaching

Virtual Mentoring or e-peer support (with peer specialist) – A personal coaching through Internet for people with disabilities.
Consumers receive online support from a coach, who helps self-stigma, provide information about to the rehabilitation process and resources, which are available for personal growth. The processes are built in four stages and customized to each person circumstance and mental condition.

4. e-Social and Anxiety support

Virtual support project for anxiety and stress for people with mental health disabilities living in war zone (sponsored by JDC association) - The project provides:

Social group chats with a mentor.

Site and apps that Includes accessible information to dealing with emergency situations.

Personal and mental support by a professional in a chat or on the phone.

And a social What’sApp for the project customers.

Facebook social support.

*(new) starting collaborate with the Chinese health agency (we got written recognition for it from the government).

*(new) starting business collaboration with Canadian company about e-rehabilitation projects

Pilot - A virtual ADL support for people who live alone.




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